Protecting Data and Privacy in the Cloud: Part 3

In my last blog post, I made the point that consumers and organizations choose a cloud service based on their ability to trust that the cloud service provider will protect their privacy. At Microsoft we work to earn that trust with specific data protection measures in place and with a promise to use data in a manner consistent with customer expectations. Our enterprise customers can rest assured that the data they entrust to us belongs to them.

As organizations make the complex decision to invest in cloud services, we understand the importance of being transparent about our practices and policies. Trust comes from understanding how a service provider manages and protects data in the cloud, and so we offer transparency through a number of practices, which include:

  • Posting privacy statements;
  • Maintaining an online Trust Center;
  • Documenting features of the service that impact customers’ data privacy;
  • Providing customers access to law enforcement request reports; and
  • Posting service-specific privacy white papers and Cloud Security alliance (CSA) STAR entries.

As part of our commitment to be the most trustworthy cloud provider, we build services that strive to meet the security, privacy and compliance needs of our customers. We view data protection and privacy as a shared responsibility between Microsoft and our customers, and provide customers the information they need to make decisions about their own practices, to help ensure that their data remains private.

The benefits of the cloud are undeniable – and we’re committed to ensuring organizations that Microsoft is the most trustworthy provider by maintaining high standards of privacy and security in our online services. You can read more about how our data protection practices help keep your cloud data private in our white paper, Protecting Data and Privacy in the Cloud

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Brendon Lynch

Chief Privacy Officer, Microsoft

Brendon Lynch is the Chief Privacy Officer of Microsoft Corp., where he is responsible for creating and implementing privacy policy across the company, and influencing the creation of privacy and data protection technologies for customers. Brendon also serves on the Read more »