New “myBulletins” Online Service: Delivering Security Bulletins, Tailored for your Organization

If you’re an IT Professional then you know it can be challenging to keep all of the applications running in your environment up to date, especially with the rapid growth of applications coming online and the consumerization of IT.  Despite the challenges, running up-to-date software is a critical part of a holistic security strategy that protects against cybercriminal activity that can lead to data loss, financial theft, public defacement, etc.  To help make the security update assessment and deployment process easier for organizations, in 2003 we started “Update Tuesday,” a predictable cycle in which security updates for Microsoft products and services are provided to customers on the second Tuesday of each month.  The feedback by customers to date has been extremely favorable – as this predictable monthly cycle has helped them plan and resource their security update deployments in a more structured and predictable way

Today I am pleased to share we have taken our security update process one step further with the release of “myBulletins.”

 myBulletins is a customizable tool designed to give IT Professionals a tailored experience based on specific requirements for their environment.  Using this service, customers can filter security bulletins to show only those that are relevant to the Microsoft products in their environment.  It can also be used to help prioritize security bulletins with the ability to sort by release date, severity and reboot requirements.  Since myBulletins is accessed through your Microsoft Account, your preferences can be saved, making it easier for you to use into the future.

myBulletins was created based on feedback from customers around the world.  We hope this new tool helps simplify the assessment and deployment of security updates for your organization, and welcome any feedback you might have.

For more information on myBulletins, I encourage you to check out our Microsoft Security Response Center blog post.

Tim Rains
Trustworthy Computing

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Tim Rains

Chief Security Advisor, Microsoft Worldwide Cybersecurity & Data Protection

Tim Rains is Chief Security Advisor of Microsoft’s Worldwide Cybersecurity & Data Protection group where he helps Microsoft’s enterprise customers with cybersecurity strategy and planning. Formerly, Tim was Director Cybersecurity & Cloud Strategy in Trustworthy Computing at Microsoft, where he Read more »