Academy Award-winner Marlee Matlin discusses Xbox One’s accessibility features

Marlee Matlin has been a pioneering advocate for the deaf community since she won an Academy Award for her first movie role, “Children of a Lesser God.” We asked her to explain how the Xbox One she bought for her four children opened a gateway to closed caption movies and television.

People of all ages and abilities enjoy movies, watch TV and surf the web. Marlee writes about how features on Xbox One, including closed captioning and Skype, make it easier for deaf and hard of hearing users to access that content:

“I don’t play video games, so I originally thought our Xbox One was destined to host marathon FIFA 14 soccer and Madden NFL football games among my four children. But then I learned I could watch closed captioned movies and television shows, connect with friends over Skype and surf the web on our new console.”

Read the full story on Microsoft’s Accessibility Blog.

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