RSA Conference 2014: Reflections from the Microsoft team

One of the best things about the RSA Conference is the incredible exchange of ideas that takes place, and this year was no exception.

Clearly, government surveillance was on the minds of many attendees, and the intersection of security and privacy issues was a prominent theme in many presentations, include the keynote address from Trustworthy Computing Corporate Vice President Scott Charney.

But the discussions ranged much farther and wider. In the sessions and breakouts, and on the expo floor, RSA attendees could be heard talking about cloud security, new security features in Windows, threat modeling, data protection and more.

Microsoft’s security and privacy leaders were busy, not just with their own presentations, but also in discussions with other thought leaders, industry professionals and customers from around the world.

In today’s video, we wanted to hear from the Microsoft team and have them share their experiences throughout the week. We hope you enjoy it.

About the Author
Jeff Jones

Principal Cybersecurity Strategist

Jeff Jones a 27-year security industry professional that has spent the last decade at Microsoft working with enterprise CSOs and Microsoft's internal teams to drive practical and measurable security improvements into Microsoft products and services. Additionally, Jeff analyzes vulnerability trends Read more »