RSA Conference 2014: Conundrums in Cyberspace—Exploiting security in the name of, well, security

Since Microsoft’s founding nearly four decades ago, computing and technology have experienced some momentous shifts with regard to trust. The emergence of security concerns related to the internet was one such shift. It prompted Bill Gates to launch Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing (TwC) initiative in 2002, in a memo calling for changes to ensure customer trust at every level.

We are currently in the midst of another seismic shift with regard to trust — the vigorous global discussion that began last year with disclosures of widespread government surveillance programs.

Today at the RSA Security Conference USA in San Francisco, Scott Charney, Corporate Vice President, Trustworthy Computing, gave a keynote speech about the changing cybersecurity landscape:  Conundrums in Cyberspace—Exploiting security in the name of, well, security.

In Scott’s presentation, he described the various roles of governments, individuals and companies, and the IT industry in building and maintaining trust on the Internet. The “conundrums” include the sometimes overlapping or even conflicting goals of trying to secure and protect citizens and their data, while also showing appropriate respect for privacy rights.

Scott also reaffirmed Microsoft’s commitment to security, privacy and transparency as our guiding trust principles, specifically in relation to protecting our customers’ data.

A full recap of Scott’s speech is available on the Microsoft on the Issues blog, and I encourage you to read through it.


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