Ask Your Employees to "Do 1 Thing" Today

 One of the most important things an IT Professional can do in any organization is help protect its employees from cybercriminal activity by raising the level of education and awareness for IT Security.  Doing so helps to reduce risks to both employees and the company.  While ongoing education is important, it can sometimes be challenging to get the attention of employees.  Many of the IT Professionals that I talk with are interested in finding new ways to stimulate these conversations within their organization.  One great way to do so is on Safer Internet Day (SID).

Safer Internet Day is a global campaign that promotes a healthy Internet for everyone. This is an important day where the industry collectively takes action to raise awareness about the importance of IT security and safety.  To support this effort, Microsoft has launched an interactive website, Safer Online, where we are asking people to “Do 1 Thing” to stay safer online.  While on the site, people can learn about online safety tips and trends in computer safety from our Microsoft Computing Safety Index

The website provides a great opportunity to promote education and awareness on the importance of implementing security fundamentals and I’d encourage you to share it with the employees in your organization. 

As we have seen from past Security Intelligence Reports, implementing security fundamentals such as regularly applying security updates for all software installed, running up-to-date antimalware software and using strong passwords can help to protect against the majority of threats seen today.  If everyone promises to do just one thing and make it part of their digital routine, it will help to create a safer, more trusted Internet for everyone. 

Tim Rains
Trustworthy Computing

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Tim Rains

Chief Security Advisor, Microsoft Worldwide Cybersecurity & Data Protection

Tim Rains is Chief Security Advisor of Microsoft’s Worldwide Cybersecurity & Data Protection group where he helps Microsoft’s enterprise customers with cybersecurity strategy and planning. Formerly, Tim was Director Cybersecurity & Cloud Strategy in Trustworthy Computing at Microsoft, where he Read more »