Lieberman Software’s Privileged Identity Management (PIM) solution now available on Windows Azure

One of the things I enjoyed most about the CSA Congress was spending time with people in and around the technology industry and the cloud computing sector.  One of the presenters at this year’s congress, held the first week of December in Orlando, Florida, was Philip Lieberman, President of Lieberman Software, a provider of identity management and security products and a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

During his plenary address, Philip announced that Lieberman Software’s privileged identity management (PIM) solution, Enterprise Random Password Manager™ (ERPM), is now available on Windows Azure.  Later I enjoyed spending time with Philip one to one, learning more about this solution and his business.

Here are some more details, in Philip’s own words:

“At CSA Congress 2013, Lieberman Software announced that its flagship privileged identity management (PIM) solution, Enterprise Random Password Manager™ (ERPM), is now available on Windows Azure.  We added cloud-hosted support of ERPM in Azure because we believe that Azure provides a secure and solid platform on which to run our PIM solution in highly sensitive and distributed workloads.

This is significant because PIM is mission-critical to most enterprises. PIM solutions discover, manage and store superuser account credentials (such as root and administrator), as well as cryptographic certificates and keys. Data integrity, fault tolerance and scalability are key.

Our customer base is worldwide and includes organizations that are part of the Critical National Infrastructure of the United States. These customers require uncompromising up-time, security, transparency and performance. By providing both on-premises and public cloud based solutions, such as hosting ERPM on Windows Azure, we can more quickly meet the needs of our clients without compromising quality or security.

One of the key reasons we selected Windows Azure as our go-to-market cloud platform was because of its worldwide deployment of data centers. Due to the way that Windows Azure is built, we can bring up an enterprise grade PIM solution worldwide in less than an hour, and have it appear as part of a client’s existing infrastructure in this same time frame.  Both Windows Azure and ERPM are designed for full orchestration using PowerShell, making them each easy to manage by IT professionals.

Another reason we decided on Windows Azure is its integration with Microsoft System Center 2012. This integration lets our existing on-premises customers move any part of their ERPM solution to Windows Azure immediately. It also allows a customer to mix and match on-premises and cloud components transparently.

To evaluate this new ERPM capability using Azure as the hosting environment, contact us at”– Philip Lieberman, President, Lieberman Software

If you’d like to learn more about the announcement from Philip and his team, you can read the full article here:  And, if you’re interested in the experiences of other Microsoft customers which have recently adopted the cloud for largely security, privacy or reliability reasons, please see these related case studies on Genetec, Merlot Aero, Aston Martin, iGate, Nature & Decouvertes, and the DDanzi Group Co. Ltd.

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