Getting Seniors in the Game

Microsoft has a longstanding commitment to building technology that improves the lives of people of all ages and abilities.  We’re proud of the work we do to provide trusted computing experiences for everyone.

Some of that work includes programs to reach people who may not have experienced our technology before, or may not have used it to its fullest extent.  A recent example of this is Exergamers NYC, a public-private partnership in which Microsoft collaborated with New York City government agencies to help seniors benefit from using Kinect for XBOX 360 and Skype.

Together, we set up Exergaming programs at senior centers across the five boroughs of New York, enabling seniors to enjoy a fun workout like Zumba or virtual bowling without using complicated machines or heavy objects. Players can also watch their competitors at other locations and engage with them directly over Skype.

For more details on Exergamers, please see this blog post by Bonnie Kearney from our Accessibility team.

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