A New Era of Operational Security in Online Services

Tomorrow I will have the opportunity to keynote at the RSA Conference Europe and discuss the work I’ve been involved with overseeing Operational Security for Microsoft Online Services. This is a topic that I am deeply passionate about and as Microsoft’s investment in the OneMicrosoft initiative becomes a primary focus of my work in the coming years.

Worldwide growth in the volume of people, devices and data connected to the Internet is unprecedented. Connected devices are quickly outpacing the number of users. As society becomes more reliant on accessing services online, security continues to be top of mind for cloud customers. In my keynote I will discuss the importance of operational security and how it must evolve to support online services. Check out this short video for a taste of what’s to come:


This year, the conference will take place in Amsterdam at the Europaplein and my keynote will commence on October 29 from 11:00-11:30 in the Auditorium. If you are planning to attend RSA Europe, I look forward to seeing you there!





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Mike Reavey

General Manager, Trustworthy Computing

Mike Reavey is a general manager in the Trustworthy Computing Group at Microsoft where he leads the cross-company approach to securing online services. Prior to this role, Reavey spent the past eleven years focused on protected Microsoft’s global customer base Read more »