Online Safety—At Work and at Home

The idea of sharing our work experiences with our kids gained a lot of momentum when the Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Foundation was launched 20 years ago. This group’s annual event provides an opportunity for millions of children to learn about what their parent, guardian, or mentor may do, see where they work, and discover possibilities about their future.

The event is also an opportunity for companies to share what they have to offer the community at large. This year, Microsoft celebrated its own version, “Bring Your Kids to Work Day,” at its campus in Redmond, Washington. The Trustworthy Computing Online Safety team participated in the event by teaching kids and their parents about online safety topics, including gaming and bullying, social networking, and mobile phone safety. Kids had the chance to spin the “Wheel of Online Safety,” where families answered safety questions for fun prizes. One parent told me: “It’s good to see an activity here with such a strong teaching element.”

For me, this event was a good reminder that Online Safety isn’t just about families. The strategies for protecting your home PC and your children are not all that different from protecting your employees and your business or workplace.

And while Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day is typically celebrated in the spring, you and your colleagues can get involved in similar activities throughout the year. To help with this, Microsoft has developed some free resources to raise online safety awareness among your employees and their families:

• Digital Citizenship in Action: A Guide to Education and Events
This toolkit includes practical advice from Microsoft to teach yourself first, and then others, how to be savvier and safer digital citizens. Topics range from tips for defending your devices and safeguarding personal information, to organizing small or large scale events for various community groups. There are fact sheets, videos, presentations, quizzes, and more.


• Internet Safety at Work Toolkit for Small and Medium Businesses
This collection is designed to help organizations of any size help protect their customer, company, and employee data and devices. Learn to work more safely on the Internet and better defend company financial assets and information against online fraud and other cybercrimes. (Also featured in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Internet Security Essentials for Business).


I hope you’ll take a few minutes to browse through the Toolkits and share them with your colleagues, neighbors and friends, whether informally or through a workplace event.

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Kim Sanchez

Director, Trustworthy Computing

Kim is a director for online safety and accessibility in Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing Group. She is responsible for delivering strategic communications to worldwide audiences including consumers, government leaders, and other influencers on issues related to family and online safety and Read more »