Security Development Conference 2013: Highlights (Part 1)

Almost 70 years ago, government officials met in San Francisco and formed the United Nations, as a result of growing concerns around international peace and security.  Interestingly enough, last month, Microsoft hosted the Security Development Conference 2013  in San Francisco, CA where security professionals from hundreds of organizations around the world met to discuss proven security development practices that can help reduce organizational risk.

While at the event, I had an opportunity to meet with several distinguished security leaders and discuss advancements that are being made across the industry.  For those of you that missed the conference, I encourage you to follow this series as we dive deeper into some of the hot topics to surface from this year’s conference.

One of the topics that generated a lot of discussion at the conference was the emergence of secure software development standards, specifically ISO 27034.  While at the conference, Microsoft announced its Declaration of Conformity with ISO 27034-1.  Check out this short video as we hear from Scott Charney, Corporate Vice President for Trustworthy Computing and Steve Lipner, Partner Director of Program Management at Microsoft on the significance of this standard.

For more information on application security, I encourage you to visit and check out many of the free resources and tools available for download.

Please stay tuned for more highlights from the Security Development Conference 2013.

Tim Rains
Trustworthy Computing

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