Cloud Trust Study: Top of the hill Security, Privacy and Reliability benefits for SMBs in Germany

If you’ve been following the TwC Blog this week you’ll have read about a blind study we commissioned to compare the way that small to midsized businesses (SMB) in France, the U.K., the U.S. and Germany perceive the cloud in terms of security, privacy and reliability. These answers were then compared with the real experiences of SMBs that already use a cloud service.

This study has also reinforced a number of things to me, one of them being that gaps are likely to exist between perception and reality; and this dynamic is not unique to technology decisions.  Still, people can change their point of view and regularly do. When I think of Munich where our German results are releasing, I think of the world-renowned beer culture and Oktoberfest, which is celebrating its 203rd anniversary this year. The reality is that there are also numerous excellent restaurants ready with fine German Eisweins (Icewines) and Rieslings, providing a ready alternative in social settings. These days numerous Michelin restaurants co-exist with beer halls all inside the old walled city, providing a number of choices for a wide range of visitors.  There’s much more to Munich’s liquid choices than I originally thought.

So what did Germany SMBs think about the cloud?  More benefits than they expected.  Those that use cloud services report fewer internal IT resources needed (44%) and time saved managing IT (36%) as the biggest benefits. Additionally, 96% of SMBs have experienced security benefits they didn’t have with their on-premise service, such as up-to-date systems, up-to-date antivirus protection and professional auditing. Also 95% said the security of their organization had been positively impacted as a result of cloud adoption.

Other highlights include:

  • 55% of German SMBs said they wished they had moved to the cloud earlier.
  • 82% have experienced improved service availability since moving to the cloud.
  • 88% said they are confident their cloud provider can quickly and effectively restore services during an outage.

You can read more about SMBs in Germany who are using the cloud, and how they contradict the perceptions of SMBs yet to adopt, here.

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Adrienne Hall

General Manager, Trustworthy Computing

Adrienne Hall is a General Manager in the Microsoft Trustworthy Computing group, where she leads a team of information technology (IT) professionals who are focused on the security, privacy, reliability, and accessibility of devices and services built on Microsoft technology. Read more »