Blue Skies in London: Cloud Security, Privacy and Reliability Perceptions of SMBs in the U.K

I have some pre-conceived notions.  Based on my own travel experiences over the years, I’ve had the view that Seattle’s June weather is consistently colder than London’s.  Not so according to a side by side comparison on, which shows Seattle at an average 1 degree F higher than London over a twelve-month timeframe.  This isn’t a big difference, but tells me that my own less scientific point of view was off-base.  To the extent that perception does equal reality when there isn’t evidence to the contrary, new information is always valuable.

Earlier I shared results of a study with small to midsized businesses (SMB) about the difference between perception and reality when it comes to the security, privacy and reliability of the cloud. In that post, I reported that U.S. SMBs using the cloud appear to be realizing benefits their counterparts still using an on-premise set up, are not.

I’m now here in London to release the small to mid-sized business Cloud Trust Study results for the U.K.  SMB cloud users in the U.K. are realizing similar benefits. Fewer internal IT resources needed (58%) and time saved managing IT (49%) were considered the biggest benefits of cloud services. Also, 94% of U.K. SMBs have experienced security benefits in the cloud they didn’t have with their on-premises service, such as up-to-date systems, up-to-date antivirus protection and spam email management.

Other highlights from the U.K. report include:

  • 91% of SMBs said the security of their organization had been positively impacted as a result of cloud adoption.
  • 82% of SMBs have experienced improved service availability since moving to the cloud
  • 93% of SMBs said they are confident their cloud provider can quickly and effectively restore services during an outage.

Like my weather perception, the study shows some interesting before and after information gaps, albeit much larger than my Seattle/London difference. In reviewing the results, interestingly we found that perceptions of cloud security, privacy and reliability – topics regularly cited as affecting the level of trust customers have in the cloud – were off base post-cloud adoption.

You can read more about the experiences of U.K. SMBs using the cloud, and how they contradict the perceptions of SMBs yet to adopt the cloud here and via our infographic.

Check back tomorrow for my next post on the study’s key findings for SMBs in France.





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