Cloud Computing Trends Report: Understanding IT Maturity Practices

Many organizations considering cloud adoption can benefit from timely trends research and simple, well-organized information about their current IT state to better assess the benefits of adopting a particular cloud service.

Today Microsoft released the new Trends in cloud computing report, which analyzes the results of current IT maturity and adoption practices of organizations worldwide that have used the free Cloud Security Readiness Tool (CSRT). The data consists of answers provided by people who used the CSRT over a six-month period between October 2012 and March 2013. This trends report helps organizations understand and evaluate IT security areas that are strengths and weaknesses. For example, areas of strength for those who utilized the tool are information security (through deployment of antivirus /antimalware software), security architecture, and facility security. Areas of weakness are human resources security, operations security, information security (through consistent incident reporting), legal protection and operations management.

In October 2012, Microsoft released the free Cloud Security Readiness Tool (CSRT) to help organizations assess their IT environment and evaluate the benefits of cloud adoption. Organizations are using the CSRT to better understand their systems, processes, policies, and practices. The tool provides a survey and a custom, noncommercial report organizations can understand and improve their current IT state, learn about relevant industry regulations, and receive guidance on how to evaluate different cloud options.

Jeff Jones on my team provides insights on the new trends in cloud computing report. I recommend taking time to run the CSRT survey and read the custom report about your current IT state so you can evaluate the benefits of cloud adoption or growing services if you’re already in the cloud.

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