Professional Security Magazine Recognizes Microsoft Security Leadership

Today in Birmingham, England, Adrienne Hall, general manager of Trustworthy Computing, received one of three Professional Security Magazine’s Women in Security awards for her leadership and significant contributions to the security industry and to women within the field.

Adrienne regularly meets with security industry leaders in business, academia, government and law enforcement to share ideas, strategies, and discuss timely security resources that advance industry learning and collaboration. She is often a keynote speaker at and frequently tailors presentations to include Cloud Computing. In particular, the ways in which Cloud vendors need to demonstrate the security, privacy and reliability of their Cloud solutions.

Adrienne is also recognized within the security industry for her leadership on the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIR), which analyzes the threat landscape of exploits, vulnerabilities, and malware using data based on telemetry from over a billion systems worldwide. Threat awareness via data, insights, and guidance provided in the SIR can be useful in helping security leaders protect their organizations, software, and users.  In addition, hundreds of thousands of people each month leverage the information contained in Security Bulletins from Microsoft, a consistent source of information published by Adrienne’s group in partnership with Microsoft’s Security Response Center.

The goal of these various investments and partnerships is to improve the state of information security; one that she acknowledges is more a journey than a destination in today’s evolving threat landscape.

Adrienne shifted her focus to the field of Security in 2004.  In living through the havoc viruses caused several customers during that timeframe, Adrienne decided to join Trustworthy Computing to help greater numbers of customers detect, contain, recover from, and prevent cyberattacks.

This award recognizes her work on a global level and joins last October’s recognition from the Executive Women’s Forum for Security, Privacy and Risk Management Professionals where she was a Finalist in the Corporate Practitioner category.


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Jeff Jones

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Jeff Jones a 27-year security industry professional that has spent the last decade at Microsoft working with enterprise CSOs and Microsoft's internal teams to drive practical and measurable security improvements into Microsoft products and services. Additionally, Jeff analyzes vulnerability trends Read more »