Threat Trends: Tim Rains discusses Asia Threat Landscape with Rico Hizon – BBC World News

If you are looking for threat intelligence from Microsoft, you are likely aware of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report which contains data and analysis from over a billion systems worldwide.  In April, we launched volume 14 of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report which included a trip in Asia to discuss regional threat trends.  While in Singapore, Tim Rains sat down with Rico Hizon from BBC World News to discuss the threat landscape in the region.  You can watch the full episode here.

Regional threat trends are important in helping customers who do business or reside in those markets a way to better understand how to manage risk.  Tim has previously blogged about regional threat trends and provided specific actions that can be taken to help protect against threats faced in the region. In the BBC interview, you can see Tim dive deeper into the regional threat trends for Asia and discuss how customers in those markets can manage risk. For more information on the global or regional threat trends, check out our latest Microsoft Security Intelligence Report.

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