Dependability in the Cloud

What does it take to build a large-scale data center? In addition to arrays of servers, storage and network devices, a data center requires multiple systems to provide a reliable source of power, suitable environmental conditions, plus operations management to provision, monitor and secure the facilities. As cloud computing adoption continues to rise, and customers demand 24/7 access to their services and data, reliability remains a challenge for cloud service providers everywhere.

Today Data Center Knowledge ran an article penned by my colleague David Bills, chief reliability strategist, that highlights customer needs for 24/7 access to cloud services and data and the challenges all cloud service providers face as they strive to provide highly available services. In his article, David states that consumers demand access 24 hours a day, seven days a week to their digital lives, and outages can have a significant negative impact on a company. However, the complex nature of cloud computing means that cloud service providers need to be mindful that things will go wrong — because it’s not a case of if, it’s strictly a matter of when. This means it’s critical for organizations to understand how best to design and deliver reliable cloud services. Bills bases his article on the experiences of Microsoft; managing a cloud-based infrastructure supporting more than 200 services, 1 billion customers, and 20 million businesses in more than 76 markets worldwide.

I enjoyed David’s article and encourage you to read it, watch our cloud fundamentals video on reliability and share your thoughts on cloud computing via comments below.

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