Research Data to Help Understand the ROI of Your Security Investments

Many organizations and governments around the world struggle to quantify the value of making security investments in an environment of increasingly complex business models, fast-moving technology shifts and ever-more sophisticated cyber criminals.  In this fluid environment, it can be challenging to justify resources and budget for situations such as a security incident that did not interrupt business operations. Budget approvals often occur after an incident occurs and when the damage is already done.  Given this dynamic, and the need to keep customers protected from changes in the threat landscape, Microsoft has remained committed to producing threat intelligence that can help inform different security investments.

We have long reported on the changing threat landscape through the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIR). In a new, Special Edition SIR report released last month titled “Linking Cybersecurity Policy and Performance,” we provide insight into different socio-economic factors that can influence cybersecurity outcomes. The study examines how socio-economic factors, such as GDP per capita, broadband penetration, mobile devices and Facebook usage correlate with cybersecurity outcomes as measured by regional malware infection rates. This data is designed to help organizations and governments better understand the potential impact socio-economic factors have on cybersecurity and serve to inform security investment decisions.

A few report highlights include:

I hope this Special Edition of our Microsoft Security Intelligence Report helps inform your security investment decisions and provides insight on the socio-economic indicators that are predictive of a country or region’s cybersecurity performance over time.

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