Furthering Our Commitment to Online Safety

Today I did some color-blocking.  This means I put on an outfit with two colors – black and navy, interspersed from head to toe.  In doing so, I was updating my look and getting a little more modern as a result!  With technology, there’s always something new and interesting to modernize the ways we live our lives.  It might be a new phone (I picked the Windows 8 HTC), or it may be Skype-coaching my mother who is absolutely enamored with the product uttering, “I see you, I see you!” each time the session engages and was most intrigued by the ability to talk and text at the same time.

As technology continues to evolve and influence our digital lifestyles, we must be ready to adapt and respond to both enjoy the potential of new things and understand how to use them safely. The topic of online safety is one we’ve been investing in for years, yet there’s always something that comes along prompting new learning and information.

Historically we’ve focused our online safety investments around raising awareness about online risks, and encouraging people to adopt safer habits and practices that help influence – for the better — those attitudes and behaviors. Microsoft’s approach to online safety includes technological tools; education and guidance; and partnerships with government, industry, law enforcement, and other key organizations to help create safer, more trusted computing experiences.  Central to our focus is engaging, through public policy, with governments around the world and with NGOs such as the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI), the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and others.

To boil it down, we want to enable a safer Internet and digital world for people of all ages and abilities. Period. That is why Microsoft is furthering the company’s long-term commitment to online safety and digital citizenship – responsible and appropriate use of technology – with the appointment of Jacqueline Beauchere as the company’s first Chief Online Safety Officer.

For the past several years, Jacqueline has served as an online safety expert for Microsoft, responsible for outreach, evangelism, and communications to individuals, government and academics about Microsoft’s work in online safety. Following Data Privacy Day and Safer Internet Day in January and February respectively (check in at our Safety & Security Center, which will feature both activities in the near future), Jacqueline will begin her duties in March of 2013.

All of Microsoft’s Online Safety work and guidance on how to help protect your family, yourself, and your computer can be found here at (www.microsoft.com/security). You can also get engaged on Facebook at (www.facebook.com/saferonline) and follow us on Twitter at (www.twitter.com/safer_online).




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