Online Safety and Security: Sharing the Knowledge

Computer security and online safety is a 24/7 hour affair. Business leaders at work are frequently family leaders at home and – particularly for security issues – are interested in online safety for their family.

This week, the Family Online Safety Institute launched a groundbreaking new tool called the Platform for Good (PfG).  With the backing of some of the top industry leaders including Facebook, Google and Microsoft, along with the backing of the MacArthur Foundation, PfG is designed to promote and encourage good online behavior, also known as digital citizenship.

How?  PfG will help connect parents, educators, and youth by bringing attention to the many positive ways families and schools use technology through interactive features.  It will also provide resources to help bridge the generational divide in the digital world.

We know from Microsoft’s Global Youth Online Behavior Survey conducted earlier this year that kids want to talk to parents about the online issues that concern them. PfG can help parents start those conversations, and then help provide them with an online space where that dialogue can continue in a fun, educational and interactive way for the entire family.

Microsoft is a long-standing partner of the Family Online Safety Institute, and our own efforts to support good digital citizens include encouraging adults and kids alike to be digitally literate, and practice good digital ethics and etiquette. To that end, we are pleased to be supporters of the Platform for Good and were compelled to back this project to help adults and youth understand the role they each play when it comes to staying safer online.

I encourage you to read more about the important PfG mission from FOSI’s CEO, Stephen Balkam who is our guest blogger on the Microsoft on the Issues blog.


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Kim Sanchez

Director, Trustworthy Computing

Kim is a director for online safety and accessibility in Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing Group. She is responsible for delivering strategic communications to worldwide audiences including consumers, government leaders, and other influencers on issues related to family and online safety and Read more »