Cloud Fundamentals Video Series: Series Finale

After recording over 25 videos on various topics related to cloud security, privacy and reliability, the Trustworthy Computing Cloud Fundamentals Video Series has concluded.  During the series I had the chance to talk to numerous Microsoft cloud subject matter experts and industry experts about topics and themes that are top of mind for customers.  These topics were so diverse, interesting, and important and it was really a pleasure learning different perspectives from professionals across the IT ecosystem. Of course there are plenty of important topics that we didn’t cover in the series that Microsoft and industry experts are thinking about and working on.

I’d like to thank all of the experts, customers and partners that shared their experience and insights with us, as well as the production team that helped produce the videos and blogs. Finally, thanks to the many viewers of the series. It’s great to hear that so many people found these videos to be informative and useful.  This last video in the series provides a recap of some of the highlights.

The Trustworthy Computing Cloud Fundamentals Video Series

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Tim Rains

Director, Security

Tim Rains is Director, Security at Microsoft where he helps manage marketing communications for Microsoft Cloud & Enterprise security, identity, and enterprise mobility products and services. Formerly, Tim was Chief Security Advisor of Microsoft’s Enterprise Cybersecurity Group where he helped Read more »