Expanding Our Cybersecurity Breadth and Depth

Over the past few years we have seen growing interest from our readers on the topic of Cybersecurity related to the public sector and critical infrastructure.  At Microsoft one of the teams focused on providing cybersecurity consulting services to our customers is the Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) Cybersecurity team, led by its General Manager Pat Arnold.

Today I am pleased to announce that key members of the MCS Cybersecurity team, will be regular contributors to the Microsoft Security Blog.  This includes folks like Michael Howard and Steve White, among other senior security consultants. Articles penned by this team will provide readers with insightful commentary about current cyber threats, mitigations and observations.

We are excited to expand our team of contributors on the topic of Cybersecurity and look forward to the insights and knowledge that will be shared.  Check out the “about us” page for more information on the team of contributors and their focus. 

Tim Rains
Director, Trustworthy Computing

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Tim Rains

Director, Cybersecurity & Cloud Strategy

Tim Rains has over 20 years of experience in the technology industry across several disciplines including engineering, consulting, and marketing communications roles. He currently manages security marketing and corporate communications in the Trustworthy Computing division at Microsoft. His expertise ranges Read more »