A Customer Testament to Trust and the Cloud

Posted by: Arunachalam Sam, Group IT/IS Manager, Mulitex Group

Every day I see stories on the benefits the cloud brings to businesses. From improved flexibility and scalability to resource savings, the cloud’s business value is clear. Yet, all that promise is irrelevant if a cloud provider’s promises aren’t backed up with a commitment to security and privacy and an adherence to internationally recognized standards.

Fortunately for my company, Mulitex Group, we found the security and privacy commitment we needed in Microsoft Office 365 and are now reaping the benefits.

We are headquartered in Hong Kong, with offices in the U.S., South America, Bangladesh, Vietnam and India. Focused on garment manufacturing, trading and real estate investment, Mulitex manages assets worth over US$700 million.

With our company facing rapid growth we needed a cloud solution that could help our workers access data securely from a variety of devices in multiple locations. In Office 365 we found a scalable solution that could be quickly deployed. We also found a solution that reduced start up and maintenance costs while adhering to strict privacy and security standards.

Thanks to Office 365, we’ve been able to save valuable time on security maintenance and refocus on our core business objectives. As a result, we now spend 40% less time managing security than we did before Office 365.

In our business this extra time and freeing up of resources is invaluable. As a result our staff has rededicated themselves to driving business growth. It’s going well so far! Very soon we plan to open new factories in China, India and Bangladesh, and eventually fully migrate to the cloud with Windows Azure.

I said it when I met Trustworthy Computing’s Adrienne Hall in Hong Kong and I’ll state it again here: Our trust with Microsoft’s security in the cloud is akin to money deposited in our bank.