Cloud Fundamentals Video Series: An Inflection Point

In this blog video series, I have talked to quite a few people on the topics of security, privacy, and reliability as they relate to cloud computing. For this post, I had an opportunity to talk with Scott Charney, Corporate Vice President for Trustworthy Computing at Microsoft, to get his perspective on the current state of cloud computing. In my discussion with Scott, he talks about cloud computing and  notes our changing relationship with computers.

“Now we are talking about this massive computing power and aggregation of data in the cloud. Some of the issues are really extensions of existing computing paradigms. If you are thinking about moving your data to the cloud, to some extent you’re outsourcing your computing capability. You have to think about the capability of the outsourcer.”

Scott shares that the cloud also offers an amazing ability to aggregate, analyze and disseminate data at far greater scale than ever before. He highlights new computing models based on virtualization and the ability to quickly scale up and down, as well as multi-tenancy, which means the security of your data depends in part on the virtualized compartments that separate your data from other data. Scott notes we will have massive capabilities to analyze data in new ways that provide great societal benefits, but arguably pose risk to privacy.

You can hear more about Scott’s perspective on cloud computing, security and privacy in the following short video:

There are numerous topics discussed in Trustworthy Computing’s Cloud Fundamentals video series that cover a plethora of security and privacy-related topics. If you haven’t seen the other videos in this series, please check them out using the following links:

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Please check back on this blog regularly as we continue the Cloud Fundamentals Video Series and explore other important cloud security, privacy, and reliability topics.


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