Cloud Fundamentals Video Series: Recoverability in the Cloud

Earlier this month, I wrote about reliability and the importance of customers knowing what measures their cloud provider has in place to deal with incidents and events that may compromise reliability when they occur.

Because many customers assume incidents will happen, one of the concepts customers ask me about is recoverability. They want to understand what questions they should be asking their cloud provider to make sure they’re prepared for this.

In this episode of the Trustworthy Computing Cloud Fundamentals Video Series, I spoke with David Bills, Microsoft’s Chief Reliability Strategist, about types of incidents that may occur and how to recover.

“It’s not a question of whether an incident will occur; it’s strictly a matter of when. We want our customers to think about, and develop a really good understanding of how their service provider is going to respond to that issue,” says David.

David discusses the difference between recurring incidents, such as network saturation or human administrative errors, and unforeseen failures, such as the aftermath of a hurricane, or massive physical damage. David also discusses the idea that services should be capable of either detecting these types of failures and responding automatically, or the entire service should be capable of failing over and restoring service to an alternative site, respectively.

Hear more about what David had to say on the topic of recoverability and what customers should be thinking about when choosing a cloud vendor in the latest video below:

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Please check back on this blog regularly as we continue the Cloud Fundamentals Video Series and explore topics that are important for IT professionals and business decision makers who are interested in cloud security, privacy, and reliability.

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