Cloud Security Benefits for SMBs in Hong Kong

New data from Microsoft Trustworthy Computing shows that small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) in Hong Kong experience similar cloud security benefits as the SMBs we’ve highlighted from the United States, Singapore, India and Malaysia. For Hong Kong SMBs these benefits are:

  • In a given week, SMBs in Hong Kong that use the cloud spend on average 50% less time managing security since migrating to the cloud
  • 26% said that using the cloud results in greater ability to generate revenue
  • 21% said that cloud computing saves them money
  • When asked to choose from a drop down list of specific cloud benefits:
    • 51% of SMBs said their business was more secure as a result of moving to the cloud
    • 47% said they worried less about the threat of cyber attack
    • 43% said it was easier to integrate systems

Check back soon for our aggregate look at cloud security data for SMBs in Singapore, India, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Please visit the Microsoft Security, Privacy and Online Safety Newsroom for more information.

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Director, Trustworthy Computing

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