Sharing Cloud News and Perspectives in Asia

Today I’m heading off to Asia. Over the next few weeks I’m looking forward to connecting with customers, industry influentials following cloud computing, reporters and several of my colleagues at Microsoft. These conversations play a big role in shaping my perspective on the cloud trust topics that we discuss on this blog. Talking with customers provides a fresh reminder of the varying requirements at play and the different ways people are realizing the benefits of cloud computing in their own organizations. Connecting with industry experts following cloud computing also provides a sense of what’s going well and what work remains to be done. The trip starts in Singapore where I’ll be attending the Cloud Asia conference. In particular I’m looking forward to the continuing dialogue surrounding private and public cloud offerings. The range of cloud solutions continues to grow; flexibility and choice continues to be important. From there I’ll head to India, Malaysia and Hong Kong for a full slate of press and customer meetings. In addition to hearing from others, I’ll be sharing some of the work that’s being done at Microsoft and from Trustworthy Computing. In particular, I want to highlight:

  • Trustworthy Computing 10 Year Progress – I blogged about it in January, but Trustworthy Computing has much to share about what it has learned since Bill Gates initiated it 10 years ago.
  • Security Intelligence Report volume 12 (SIRv12) – SIRv12 provides insight into the current threat landscape and provides guidance on what organizations can do to protect themselves.
  • Microsoft’s cloud products Microsoft offers a diversity of cloud offerings for organizations looking for a product that works for them and their business.
  • New cloud research – I’ll be sharing new information related to the security benefits of cloud computing.
  • Trustworthy Computing Next – Facing forward, there are great challenges and opportunities for Trustworthy Computing, as outlined by Scott Charney, corporate vice president, Trustworthy Computing, in this whitepaper.

Ultimately, I’m looking forward to discussing cloud computing with groups that are enthusiastic about it. From a security perspective, I’m excited to talk about cloud progress and what new data says about cloud security and its impact for organizations. There’s much to see and discuss, and always plenty to learn. Please keep checking back with us as we’ll be sharing some interesting news in coming days.

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Adrienne Hall

General Manager, Issues & Crisis Management

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