Cloud Fundamentals Video Series: Interdependencies Among Cloud Services and Compliance

Consumers of cloud services generally don’t get to see the layers of technology that they rely on.  For many, this seamless delivery is part of the value proposition of cloud computing; depending on the type of deployment, customers expect their cloud provider to manage the details so they can get on with the business of running their business.

The reality though is that cloud providers leverage the services and infrastructure of many other vendors to be able to deliver a service to their customers. For example, network services to and from a data center are likely provided by two or more network providers in order to provide redundancy, load balancing, and address other architectural needs.

It’s not surprising then that for a cloud provider to deliver a reliable service that meets customers’ security, privacy and compliance requirements there is significant interdependence between each of the layers that make up the cloud.

In this episode of the Trustworthy Computing Cloud Fundamentals Video Series I discuss the concept of cloud service interdependency with Mark Estberg, senior director of Microsoft’s Global Foundation Services.  In the video, Mark states “The question we hear again and again is, ‘How can I, the cloud consumer, have confidence that the entire stack meets my own security compliance needs?’” Mark generally advises consumers to “Think about the layers of the cloud service they are using, understand the seams between those and then make sure that when they get an evaluation they understand that entire stack of compliance capability.”  Please watch the video to hear the entire conversation.

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