Weekly Roundup: April 20, 2012 – Cybersecurity R&D Trends

Security News
Security news stories this week covered CISPA, a cybersecurity bill that continues to draw fire from privacy groups: some experts weigh the pros while others say the bill is too vague as written and predict it will be tabled. Also in the news Anonymous claims Pastebin censorship and creates an alternative site where hacktivists can dump stolen data. The New York Times reports on a young man who developed secure chats and Forbes reports on software-controlled medical devices vulnerable to cybersecurity risks that can harm people. UPI reports a new cybersecurity R&D center, as part of SAIC, in Australia that will focus on protecting critical data and building a comprehensive defense against cybersecurity attacks for commercial and public sector networks worldwide. Here’s our favorite security news stories this week.

In the News

Your Compliance is Decaying Everyday – Dark Reading
Mac Trojan Fallout: Apple Security Glory Days Gone?  – InformationWeek Security
America’s cyber czar speaks – ZDNet

Security Research & Intelligence

What’s To Stop Hackers From Infecting Medical Devices? – Forbe
Using His Software Skills With Freedom, Not a Big Payout, in Mind – New York Time
SAIC opening cyber cyber security center – UPI


Cyber Threat

Anonymous Builds New Haven For Stolen Data – InformationWeek Security
Huge Twitter spam campaign for fake antivirus discovered – ZDNet
Anonymous attacks trade group for supporting cybersecurity bill – Network World

Government, Legislation & Policy

Is CISPA Worth Saving? InformationWeek Security
CISPA cybersecurity bill ‘not being rushed through,’ aide says – CNET
A Web divided? Not on cybersecurity – The Hill
CISPA Isn’t ‘Son of SOPA’ (But That’s Not Saying Much)  – Wired

Blog Picks

Cadets and Midshipmen square off on the virtual battlefield – CNN
US charges Russian over $1.45 million hacking scheme – ZDNet


Microsoft Research, Papers and Media

Trustworthy Computing Next (paper)

Cybersecurity/Internet Health

· Rethinking the Cyber Threat (paper)

· Collective Defense: Applying Public Health Models to the Internet (paper)

· Video: Collective Defense: Enabling Healthy Devices (video)

Security Intelligence

· Lessons from Least Malware Infected Countries (series)

· Battling the ZBot Threat (paper)

Trustworthy Computing

· Imagine Video: Microsoft Trustworthy Computing (video)

Cybersecurity/Trusted Supply Chain

· Supply Chain Risk Management keynote at the East-West Institute’s Second Worldwide Cybersecurity Summit (video)

· Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management: Toward a Global Vision of Transparency and Trust (paper)

· Toward a Trusted Supply Chain: A Risk Based Approach To Managing Software Integrity (paper)

· Microsoft at RSA Conference 2012

· Microsoft Sessions at RSA Conference 2012

· Trust in Computing Research

· TwC Next Poster

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