Cloud Fundamentals Video Series: Cloud Security Standards – Are There Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen?

I have been asked more than a few times whether I think there are too many people involved in developing cloud security standards and best practices.  The underlying concern is that when too many people get involved, the process of developing new standards becomes too bureaucratic and progress is slower than it should be.  But, the process has to be inclusive enough so that important nuances from different markets and industries are not overlooked.  This balance needs to be carefully managed.

When I asked Tim Mather, Advisory Director at KPMG who has been working on cloud data governance with the Cloud Security Alliance, about industry collaboration, he said, “the collaboration between industry is important, but collaboration with standards organizations, collaboration with government agencies, and collaboration with user groups is also very important.  I think that the problem it poses however is that effectively you have almost too many cooks in the kitchen. And so the issue becomes not only collaboration but how you focus that collaboration so that it actually can move in near real-time.”

In this video Tim Mather provides his perspective on the topic which is top of mind for many people, industry collaboration on cloud security standards.

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