Standing up to Bullying

The new documentary “Bully” is getting quite a bit of media attention for telling the story of school-yard harassment through the eyes of children who are tormented by their classmates. It’s through these individual narratives that the movie reinforces the need for all of us to stand up to bullying of all kinds.

Jacqueline Beauchere, Director, Trustworthy Computing Online Safety at Microsoft, recently spoke with a Seattle, WA television station about how the movie aligns with the company’s anti-bullying platform.  Microsoft has been working to help raise awareness of “cyberbullying” (online bullying) for several years by working with educators, advocates, and other organizations to create action plans and find solutions to reduce bullying incidents. Cyberbullying is an extension of physical, in-person bullying. As a sponsor of the movie, Microsoft wants to continue to help parents and educators stand up to bullying by sharing these important tips:

  • Get and stay involved and educated on the issue
  • Communicate with and inform other parents what you learn
  • Make and enforce the rules — for both the bully and the victim
  • Encourage kids to make friends and look out for one another
  • Keep the lines of communication open; let kids know they can come to you, and you’ll help address their issue in a way that they’re comfortable with
  • Look for signs of bullying, such as a child’s reluctance to go to or stay at school, or that he or she gets upset when online or texting.

But as Jacqueline points out, our work doesn’t stop there. “While technology can help people monitor issues, more needs to be done to provide kids, parents, and educators with the tools they need  to stand up to online bullying.”

We want everyone to have access to these valuable resources so we’ve made them available online here at

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