Cloud Fundamentals Video Series: Philippe Courtot and Tim Rains Discuss Cloud Security

Industry collaboration is critical to helping businesses, governments and citizens realize safer computing experiences.  It is also important in the context of cloud security.  Earlier in this series I discussed the benefits of industry collaboration with Jim Reavis,  Executive Director of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA).  In this installment of the Trustworthy Computing Cloud Fundamentals video series, I discuss industry collaboration with Philippe Courtot, the Chairman and CEO of Qualys – a corporate member of the CSA.  In Mr. Courtot’s words, “with the cloud we have a unique opportunity to build security into the very fabric of the cloud. You cannot do that alone; the cloud is too complex, we’re moving at the speed of light. Without collaboration it would be very difficult to achieve that goal.”

In this video Mr. Courtot discusses the importance of industry cooperation and teamwork, what he thinks will help drive the state of cloud security forward over the next several years, and his view that mobility and the cloud cannot be separated.

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Tim Rains

Chief Security Advisor, Microsoft Worldwide Cybersecurity & Data Protection

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