Cloud Fundamentals Video Series: Cloud Computing Privacy at Microsoft, Part 2

In my last post, I discussed the three tenets that encompass Microsoft’s approach to cloud computing privacy: responsibility, transparency and choice.   In part two of this interview, Brendon Lynch, Microsoft’s Chief Privacy Officer explains how these three tenets work using Office 365 as an example.

Cloud customers are looking for cloud providers to provide them with information that clearly defines the ways that the cloud provider manages and uses customer data.  In the case of Office 365, Microsoft provides its customers with the Office 365 Trust Center.  The Trust Center gives cloud customers the information they are looking for, in plain language, on exactly how Microsoft handles and uses data gathered in customers’ interactions with Office 365.  The Trust Center details commitments Microsoft makes to Office 365 customers in six key privacy areas: Data Use Limits; Administrative Access; Geographic Boundaries; Third Parties; Security, Audits, and Certifications; and Regulatory Compliance.


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