Guest Blogger: Jim Reavis, Executive Director, the Cloud Security Alliance

If I had to choose one word to describe this year’s RSA conference it would be “buzzing.”

That was the feel on the floor of the conference earlier this month, as security professionals from across the globe came together to discuss the core security and privacy topics of today’s computing industry. From the keynotes and panel sessions to casual conversations and demonstrations in the expo hall, there was a strong sense that we (the security industry) are making progress despite increasingly determined adversaries.

Much of what I heard and discussed with fellow delegates reaffirmed my view that the industry is getting better about designing, developing and deploying secure products and services. This is especially encouraging as the industry is experiencing a flurry of activity around new cloud computing and mobile solutions.

Of course the point of events like RSA is also to bring together industry thinkers and opinion leaders. I bumped into Jim Reavis, executive director of the Cloud Security Alliance, whose perspectives on cloud security are always interesting, in fact so much so that I asked him if he would consider posting a guest blog. I’m delighted to say that he agreed. Expect to see his take on RSA and future security challenges shortly.


Update 3.15.2012:

You can now find the post here:

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