Weekly Roundup : Jan 27, 2012 : Twitter Announces Censorship Policy for Certain Countries


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The week ended with some ruffled feathers as Twitter announced it would allow some content in certain countries to be censored. The New York Times headlined its coverage as “Twitter Announces Micro-Censorship Policy” while the Mercury News reported that “Activists afraid Twitter’s censorship policy will stifle dissent.” The policy left some parties unhappy, as reflected in the Huffington Post: “Twitter Boycott Planned To Protest Twitter’s Censorship Plan” and in the MSNBC story “How to easily circumvent Twitter’s censorship.” Meanwhile Forbes took a lighter view with its headline: “Shocker! Twitter Censorship Shows It’s Just a Business, Not a Savior.” In other news, Threat Post reports Microsoft Adds Kelihos Botnet Operator To Civil Complaint.

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