Cloud Fundamentals Video Series: Cloud Transparency as an Element of Trust

In my last blog post, I discussed some of the challenges associated with achieving acceptable levels of transparency for organizations seeking the benefits of cloud computing.

For many organizations, visibility into how their cloud providers’ infrastructure is designed and operated can help to provide reassurance that the cloud provider is providing the type of service they say they are providing, and helping cloud customers to comply with compliance obligations that might exist.  In this next installment of Trustworthy Computing’s Cloud Fundamentals Video Series, Mark Estberg, Senior Director of Microsoft’s Global Foundation Services, discusses the importance of having a framework in place to help clarify the responsibilities that cloud providers and cloud customers have when leveraging different cloud computing architectures.

Cloud customers are ultimately responsible for ensuring they meet the compliance obligations that apply to them. Subsequently cloud providers need to provide a level of transparency that helps their customers maintain compliance, but in a way that minimizes disruptions to operations and keeps costs low.

Mark provides more context and detail in this video and I invite you to watch it.

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Please check back on this blog regularly as we continue the Cloud Fundamentals Video Series and explore topics that are top of mind for IT professionals related to cloud security, privacy, and reliability.

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