Introducing the Cloud Fundamentals Video Series

A big part of my job is talking to Chief Information Security Officers, Chief Security Officers, as well as VPs and Directors who manage risk for their organizations. For them, one of the top priorities that has emerged in the past couple of years is cloud computing. The businesses that these security executives support are evaluating the potential benefits of cloud computing and some have already started leveraging this new paradigm in an effort to increase productivity and lower costs. Security executives are, more often than not, involved in the evaluation and deployment processes for new online services.

As a result of many conversations with security executives from relatively large organizations, it’s clear to me that topics related to cloud security, privacy and reliability are top of mind for these security executives.   Consistently, some the cloud topics that are of interest to the security executives I have talked to include:

  • Compliance, audit, and certifications
  • Benchmarks and evaluation standards
  • Process transparency
  • Update and system changes
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Risk management and incident response

To share some of the cloud security, privacy and reliability points I typically discuss with these security professionals we’ll be rolling out the Cloud Fundamentals Video Series over the next few weeks In it you’ll see some of Microsoft’s senior leaders responsible for managing Microsoft’s cloud service offerings discussing the importance of these topics to their customers and the services they manage.

The first video in the series is now available and I invite you to watch it:

Please check back on this blog weekly for new videos in the series as they become available.

About the Author
Tim Rains

Chief Security Advisor, Microsoft Worldwide Cybersecurity & Data Protection

Tim Rains is Chief Security Advisor of Microsoft’s Worldwide Cybersecurity & Data Protection group where he helps Microsoft’s enterprise customers with cybersecurity strategy and planning. Formerly, Tim was Director Cybersecurity & Cloud Strategy in Trustworthy Computing at Microsoft, where he Read more »