Perspectives on Cloud Security

Since we started this blog, you’ve seen us highlight the trustworthiness of Microsoft’s cloud offerings and our commitment to the cloud as a secure and sustainable computing model.

But it’s always useful to have another’s perspective, so you may want to check out Nick Hoover’s/InformationWeek recent writing on cloud security. Over the last few weeks Nick has sought the opinions of a number of security industry leaders. In a story from this past Monday, “Cloud Security: Better Than We Think?,” Nick tied his recent work together.

In the piece, Nick shared the perspectives of government security experts, including General Keith Alexander, head of the National Security Agency and Gus Hunt, CTO of the CIA.

For Hunt, the cloud creates a dynamic virtual environment or a “polymorphic attack surface” that makes it hard for potential attackers to figure out where and how to attack. Similarly, General Alexander sees the cloud as improving the updating process and giving organizations “better visibility and situational awareness.”

Hunt and Alexander are two influential and well-respected people involved in the security industry. Working in the national defense field puts them on the frontlines of one of the most challenging and complicated security arenas. Their individual jobs present different challenges, but as Nick noted, they both believe in the cloud from a security perspective.

After hearing Hunt and Alexander’s perspectives Nick concluded:

Done right, however, clouds may be more secure than old-style data centers. That’s the view of influential IT leaders within the government’s  intelligence, defense, and civilian agencies. Maybe it’s time to think more about the potential security benefits of the cloud, and not just about all that can go wrong.

I couldn’t agree more.

We’ll keep sharing perspectives on cloud security in coming posts. Please share your perspectives with us too—we’d love to hear where our readers are at with these topics.

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