Building Secure Cloud Apps

Judging by the feedback from this month’s BUILD conference in Anaheim, California, excitement is growing for the next wave of Microsoft technology. In “Windows 8”, “Windows Server 8” and the Azure Toolkit for “Windows 8”, Microsoft is showing a strong commitment to generating solutions that enable customers to thrive in cloud environments.

It is encouraging to see that this optimism is shared by many reviewers of this technology. I think Jason Perlow of ZDNet hits the nail on the head: “Server 8 will unleash a massive tsunami of new features specifically targeted at building and managing infrastructure for large multi-tenant Clouds, drastically increased scalability and reliability features in the areas of Virtualization, Networking, Clustering and Storage, as well as significant security improvements and enhancements.”

This new wave of products and services will benefit from years of expertise in developing secure cloud offerings. But we’re also mindful that the cloud is an extension of the traditional information technology ecosystem. We’re committed to ensuring that the industry-wide benefits of developing secure, reliable and privacy-enhanced applications continue to be evident. To contribute to this effort, Trustworthy Computing offers several resources for software developers, a couple of which are:

1. The Security Development Lifecycle (SDL), which is the cross-platform development foundation upon which our products are built. Now regularly acknowledged as an industry best practice, we give SDL development tools and know-how to other developers for free. To date, SDL tools and papers have been downloaded over 700,000 times. The SDL is also used by Adobe, Cisco and many other companies as the basis for their security development practices. And, we’ve created a version of the SDL, called SDL Agile, to help developers working on applications with shorter development cycles. SDL Agile is available for free and is popular with developers working on cloud apps.
2. “Security Best Practices For Developing Windows Azure Applications,” is a guide for developers looking to build applications on the Windows Azure platform.

I, and my colleagues at Microsoft, firmly believe that through engagment with the technology professional community, we can collectively find ways to share what we’ve produced and work with one another to create the most stable, secure and reliable environments possible.

I’ll be talking more about these topics at the upcoming RSA Europe conference in London. Check back with us later this week for a preview.


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