Photo Gallery: Arrival to RSA 2011

For those who didn’t make it down to San Francisco this year, I took a series of photos to share the experience.  While each year is similar in some ways to the previous ones, the theme always stands out – and this year it was Alice and Bob , who were joined by Malicious Mallory in red, representing the concept of the malicious attacker trying to get between Alice and Bob.

01-alice-and-bob Back in 1978, the developers of the RSA algorithm for public key signing and encryption introduced Alice and Bob – personas to represent two people wanting to communicate securely. Alice and Bob – now part of the security folklore – were honored in the 2011 RSA Conference theme.
02-san-fran-sign The RSA Conference is about to begin. Over 16,000 attendees will be descending on San Francisco to explore the world of cryptography, computer security and other trending security topics.
03-RSA11-outside-sign Approaching downtown San Francisco near the conference area, you are immediately aware the Alice & Bob – and RSA 2011 – are ready to greet the conference delegates.
04-moscone-center RSA Conference 2011 is held at the Moscone Center, San Francisco’s largest conference venue. RSA uses two of the three main halls known as Moscone North and Moscone South, which are connected under Howard Street. Moscone is named after San Francisco former mayor George Moscone, who was assassinated in November 1978.
05-rsa-registration-area Registration areas are set up inside the entrance of both Moscone North and Moscone South. The theme of the Adventures of Alice & Bob is represented everywhere.
06-computer-checkin Checking in and getting your badge was quick and easy this year – just requiring you to enter two fields on a laptop and then walk to a desk and pick up your badge.

It’s not just a badge, it’s an adventure. The holder has a full mini conference map and session guide included and other nifty stuff (what is a Pecha Kucha Night, anyway?)

Delegate is code for “paid full price.” Other types are available. Members Circle is code for “old guy (or gal) who has attended many RSA Conferences.”


With delegate badge in hand, one can now proceed to get the all-important RSA item – the RSA computer bag. My old one is almost dead, so this is a key stop for me.

Oh, sponsors will have filled the bag with lots of “interesting” stuff, so make sure to immediately find a garbage can place to “file” those important marketing materials.


Later in the week, when you forget your badge in your room, you’ll get familiar with these guys, who stop you at the top of the escalator/stairs.

For some of you of course, this is simply an opportunity to exercise your social engineering skills so that you don’t have to walk back and get your badge – good luck with that!

10-escalator-down If you are in Moscone South, you can now head down to the Expo floor. If you are on the north side, then the escalator takes you down to the keynote area, but you can easily avoid the rain and use the tunnel hallway to walk under to the Expo area.

If you’ve timed it right, you arrive to the Expo floor just in time for the reception and can immediately go for a beer and free food.

Welcome to RSA 2011!

[The fact that this photo of the Expo hall prominently features the Microsoft booth and signage may or may not be a complete coincidence. Jeff]

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