SmartScreen helps protect you from malicious ads on the sites you trust

In the past we’ve told you about malvertising, fake online advertising designed to trick you into downloading malicious software onto your computer. Lately cybercriminals have been sneaking malicious ads into trusted ad networks.

The Microsoft SmartScreen Filter in Internet Explorer 8 protects you from websites that contain phishing threats and malicious software.

If you see a warning like the one below when you try to visit a site that you trust, it could be because that site has been a victim of a malvertising scam. For more information, see Protect Yourself from Malicious Advertisements with Internet Explorer 8.

SmartScreen Filter in Internet Explorer 8


Note: Be careful when you click links in email messages or in messages on social networking sites. The link might look like it goes to a site you trust, but the message could be fraudulent and the link could take you to a spoofed website. Instead, use your personal bookmarks or enter the URL directly into your web browser.

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