SPAM of the Day – Trouble Viewing This Social Attack? Read it Online

I wasn’t really planning to do a “Spam of the Day” every day, but this one got through all of the filters today and I found it interesting enough to share.  This one combines the use of:

  • E-mail spoofing (the E-mail “from:” field used my own address, with the VIAGRAÂ descriptor)
  • Image spam
  • Social lures, with all embedded URLs point back to “windowplant” <dot> “ru”
    • Who has not gotten used to seeing some variation of this?
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Sure, none of you reading this are going to click on this e-mail, but how many of you have parents, relatives or friends who might just click on the unsubscribe link so that they don’t get further messages?  Or, maybe they’re just curious to see what that picture looks like?

FYI, I’ve changed the embedded links and e-mail addresses when I copied it below.  Wouldn’t want to perpetuate the problem, now would we?

From: Approved VIAGRA® Store []
Sent: Thursday, March 18, 2010 8:45 AM
To: Jeff Jones 
Subject: News on myspace

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The e-mail address is
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At least one online source also associates the backend website embedded in this spam with the “Canadian Pharmacy” scam.

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