Cheswick and Thompson ‘Securin Ain’t Easy’ Rap Video @ RSA 2009


RSA Conference 2009 Webcasts – Day 4 Keynotes (Friday)

There is only a relatively small group of people that stay all the way to the end of the RSA Conference to see the final Friday keynotes, but they were worth the wait.   I can honestly say the two afternoon keynote sessions were my favorite ones of the whole week.


How about this?  Dr. Hugh Thompson (of People Security and the Hugh Thompson Show) and firewall legend Bill Cheswick do a rap video… sing it with me now “…There were patches, breaches, lots of data leakage…”

thompson-and-cheswick-rapping[click photo to open video]

After the introductory rap video, Hugh had some great guests that talked a real life identity theft incident that happened last year where a hacked Facebook account was used to get Facebook friends to urgently send money to help their friend who was “stuck in London with no money to get home.”  Watch the video, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Regards ~ Jeff

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