TechEd Session SEC250 – Windows Server Security Advances – 4:30PM Today, Room N320A

For those of you that are at TechEd today, I want to invite you around to my session on Security Advances in Windows Server 2008 today in room N320A.

I’ll be covering this general outline:

  • SDL work on Windows Server 2008
  • Architectural security enhancements
  • Security features and capabilities
  • Looking at the security track record for the first 90 days

Without a doubt, Windows Server 2008 is my favorite product that we’ve released over the past few years in general, but also specifically in terms of security improvement – and I’ll go into detail why I think some of the less-mentioned changes may be the most important ones beyond the security capabilities themselves.

Of course, that last section of the talk will be my favorite, as I will be sharing some of my 90 Day analysis for the first time outside of the team.  With the security progress we made back on Windows Server 2003, do you wonder how Windows Server 2008 compares?  I’ll share some tidbits on that.

Wonder how it compares with the latest Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5?  I’ll briefly discuss that as well.  In doing my analysis, I was surprised to find that Red Hat has made some changes that take it in the opposite direction from ones we’ve made in Windows Server – hint – it has to do with the default installation options.

I’ll see you there!


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Jeff Jones

Principal Cybersecurity Strategist

Jeff Jones a 27-year security industry professional that has spent the last decade at Microsoft working with enterprise CSOs and Microsoft's internal teams to drive practical and measurable security improvements into Microsoft products and services. Additionally, Jeff analyzes vulnerability trends Read more »