Countdown to RSA Conference 2008


With less than a week until RSA Conference 2008, I want to provide a short preview of planned RSA activities.  As we have been in the past several years, Microsoft will be very active at the security conference with a Keynote by Chief Research and Strategy Office Craig Mundie and 12 track sessions involving Microsoft people.

I will be attending RSA and am planning to be very active in providing updates and information from the show itself, publishing to this site as well as my own blog at  While of course, you should be subscribing to my blog, you might consider coming back to this Microsoft RSA 2008 information page ( for the duration of the conference, as it will be featuring not just my content, but the RSA-related content from other Microsoft security people and partners.

Here are some of the types of content that I have planned for RSA:

  • Commentary on (some of) the keynotes.  I plan to attend the keynotes and share my thoughts on whether anything new and interesting was said or if it was old hat.
  • Walking around video Q&A.  Each year, there are a few “themes” that seem prevalent at RSA (remember the “year(s) of PKI”…)  This year, I plan to talk to people at the conference and see what their impressions are and share them with you, firsthand.
  • Spotlight on new security technology and companies.  RSA is sometimes the “first look” party for emerging security technologies.  I’ll see if I can track down some of the contenders and get a demo of them so we can share and discuss.
  • Your content.  Yes, if you blog or want to write something that relates to Microsoft and the RSA conference (or security), you can use this form to contact me to discuss linking to it from our RSA central page. 

In addition to the above content, you will be able to quickly find more detail about any key security-related announcements that Microsoft may make during RSA.

I don’t want to list out every single Microsoft session and tell you to go to it, but I will highlight two Microsoft sessions that I will be attending on Tuesday and encourage you to check these out.

Enabling End-to-End Trust
Tues, Apr 08, 9:45AM
Craig Mundie,
Chief Research and Strategy Officer, Microsoft
Craig Mundie is the visionary Executive that led Microsoft into adopting the Trustworthy Computing initiative. 
Join him to hear Craig’s thoughts on the current set of security challenges facing Microsoft and the industry.
Spyware in 2008
Tuesday, Apr 08, 4:10PM

Industry Experts

Jeff Williams,
Principal Group Manager,
Microsoft Malware Protection Center
Jeff and four other Industry Experts will discuss Spyware in 2008, victims, the industry and how it is evolving.

FYI, Jeff is a colleague and co-contributor on the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report, so go ask him some hard questions and tell him I sent you.

Check back later this week and I’ll go through all of the Tuesday afternoon timeslots and share which sessions I will be attending, plus I’ll identify some alternates that I think might be interesting.

I hope to see you there.  Best regards,

Jeff Jones

PS.  If you are going to be at RSA and would like to say hi and potentially share some conversation or a frothy beverage, please drop me a message ahead of time.  Again, you can use this form.

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