Mr. Jones Goes to TechEd

TechEd 2007 is coming next week and I am excited to have two sessions this year.  If you sometimes find the information I post on the blog here interesting, then I think you’ll enjoy these sessions.  In any case, stop by and say hi.

MONDAY – SEC208 – Jeff Jones
Microsoft Windows vs. Linux Vulnerabilities: Metrics and Techniques for Analysis
6/4/2007 3:00PM-4:15PM
N220 F

NOTE:  I will be revealing my “Vista 6-month Vulnerability Analysis” numbers at this session.  Jeff Jones leads this technical discussion with attendees that digs into metrics and techniques for current popular metrics such as “days of risk,” “daily vulnerability exposure,” as well as more common vulnerability counting methods. Additionally, the session explores techniques to filter by components, severity, and other factors and how various assumptions affect results when comparing modern x86 operating systems. Jeff also shares his own up-to-date results for Windows, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu and Mac OS X as key examples of the different methods.

TUESDAY – SEC407 – Michael Howard and Jeff Jones
Fundamental Security Changes in Windows Vista
6/5/2007 1:00PM-2:15PM
N320 E

Windows Vista is the end result of a focused security effort by Microsoft and their security development lifecycle. This session explores the architectural and protective internal design changes like ASLR, service hardening, low rights Explorer, and other fundamental changes—by looking at how past attacks would have fared against Vista.

Other sessions which I can strongly recommend ( which is roughly my own schedule for the sessions I plan to attend ):

  10:30AM – Michael Howard – SEC17-TLC The “Everything-Developer-Security” Talk

3:00PM – Jeff Jones – SEC208 Microsoft Windows vs. Linux Vulnerabilities: Metrics and Techniques for Analysis  

  8:30AM – Kai Axford, Allyn Lynd – SEC312 How’d They Find THAT?: Implementing the New Microsoft Fundamental Computer Investigation Guide for Windows  

10:15AM – Kai Axford, Vlad Pigin – SEC05-TLC The Fundamental Computer Investigation Guide for Microsoft Windows

1:00PM – Michael Howard, Jeff JonesSEC407 Fundamental Security Changes in Windows Vista

2:45PM – ?? – SEC203 Making the Tradeoff: Be Secure or Get Work Done

  8:30AM – Marcus Murray – SEC310 Why I Can Hack Your Network in a Day!

3:45PM – Marcus Murray – SEC10-TLC Why You Should Patch Your Services in a Day!

5:30PM – Steve Riley- SEC303 It’s 11:00 P.M., Do You Know Where Your Data Is?

  8:30AM – Marcus Murray – SEC310R (repeat) Why I Can Hack Your Network in a Day

9:45AM – Kai Axford – SEC07-TLC Securing the Small Business

1:00PM – Mark Russinovich – CLI426 Windows Vista Kernel Changes  

2:45PM – Ian Hameroff – SEC309 Implementing the IPsec Simple Policy Update for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP

4:30PM – Mark Russinovich – SEC416 Windows Server 2008 and Kernel Changes  

  10:45AM – Mark Russinovich – SEC411 User Account Control Internals and Impact on Malware

1:00PM – Steve Riley – SEC303R (repeat) It’s 11:00 P.M., Do You Know Where Your Data Is? 

2:45PM – Mark Russinovich  -SEC325 Advanced Microsoft Windows Troubleshooting with Sysinternals Process Monitor  

Speaker blogs:

Kai Axford blog, Michael Howard blog, Steve Riley blog, Mark Russinovich blog, Marcus Murray blog

And I should probably also recommend the Security @ TechEd 2007 site at Microsoft, which will have daily updates and podcasts during TechEd.

See you there!  Jeff

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