Mozilla Chief Security Something-or-Other

Well, I’ve had a busy couple of weeks, including selling a house, buying a house and moving – which didn’t leave much free time for blogging, so I am a bit behind on current events.  So, let me start the catch-up with a human interest post.

Window Snyder, a former colleague and all around great security professional has joined the Mozilla team.  According to my LinkedIn connection, she is the Chief Security Something-or-Other at Mozilla.  I’ve seen that title referred to a couple of times, so it will no doubt become official.  Window co-authored a Threat Modelling book, which you should consider reading, if you’re trying to develop code with high security quality.  She’s also accomplished several great things over the course of her career, which you can discover easily if you try.

For the trivia minded.  The primary standard email alias at Microsoft is <firstname><last initial>  For Window, this would have been <windows><s>, or  Needless to say, that was not Window’s email alias.  At least one reporter covering her job change from Matasano to Mozilla apparently couldn’t resist the pun either: Mozilla Gets Window Formerly of Microsoft.

Anyway, Window will bring some additional security experience to the Mozilla team and I predict that their products will benefit from her addition to their team in multiple ways.  Also, given Window’s great ties in the community, I wouldn’t be surprised if hear soon about Mozilla engaging some of the security researcher community in their development process to help find and fix security vulnerabilities before ship.

PS.  Yes, one could find some irony here, but out of respect for Window, I’ll leave those comments to others. 

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