Trend Micro CTO hints that Trend will Open Source Code

In a stunning revelation in Trend Micro: Open source is more secure, Trend CTO Raimund Genes hints that Trend may release their code as an open source project!

Though Genes stopped short of actually saying that Trend would be releasing their code and joining the Free Software movement, there are only two possible obvious conclusions from his statements made to CNET:

“Open source is more secure. Period,” Raimund Genes, chief technical officer for anti-malware at Trend, said. “More people control the code base; they can react immediately to vulnerabilities; and open source doesn’t have so much of a problem with legacy code because of the number of distributions.”

With the Trend CTO holding forth such strong positions on Open Source, these statements could be a forshadowing that Trend, currently offering only Closed Source software products themselves, will soon be opening their own source to the world.   One exciting aspect of this possibility is that it would enable others to build upon the Trend history in the antivirus space and offer competitive products based upon Trend’s own source code!

Genes did not offer any explanations as to why Trend Micro, as a security company, had been offering “less secure”, closed source products to their customers up til now, nor did he offer any comments as to how long they would continue to pursue their “less secure” model of closed source software.

[NOTE:  For those who did not detect the inherent sarcasm in the text above, this note is here to reveal said sarcasm.  Personally, I believe security of software depends on many factors beyond the Open/Closed source model.  See Workload Vulnerability Index for one example where Open Source results in many more vulnerabilities.]

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