Web-based Security Deja-Vu: Microsoft OneCare Live, Symantec Genesis and McAfee Falcon

Windows Live OneCare has made it’s debut, among various comments about this being a new category of security product and apparently it is a hot new category to judge from the established antivirus vendors and the press activity.  Symantec announced in February that it will have a competitive product, code-named Genesis, and McAfee announced this past week it’s own product, code-named Falcon in the same space.

As always, exciting exciting stuff going on in the land of security.  New product categories are almost as good as acquisitions and much better than simple product releases.

Well, from my perspective this is Deja Vu All Over Again.  Read why I think so in full detail in what I call A (Not Always Funny) History and Analysis of Web-Based Antivirus and Security Products.  [Update: Originally an article, I changed this to be a blog entry just below due to the results of my empirical study on how many people do not click through to read articles.]

In summary, the first web-based security (antivirus) product was available 10 years ago, but there hasn’t been much traction.  Thinking about it, I can see some of the reasons why and optimistically, why these new entries could mean positive changes for home users.

Let me know what you think.  ~Jeff

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