Novell Removes /truth and Security from Linux Site

Provocative, but technically true.  You may or may not recall that Novell published in response to Microsoft’s site.  I browsed out there yesterday to see the current truth for myself and was redirected to  You can still look at the google cache of the /truth site by using the search terms “ inurl:truth” and selecting one of the cache links.

Bye-bye Security

Novell /truth discussed seven reasons “Why Linux is a better choice than Windows”, with security being one of the key topics and then attributed certain “claims” to Microsoft and proceeded to offer alternative data.  I won’t even address the fact that several of the attributed claims were not anything Microsoft ever said or would say…

Anyway, all gone now.  If you look at /whynovell, Security is not mentioned on the page.  Clicking the major links, I couldn’t find Security mentioned there either.  I even downloaded the “Ten Reasons to Choose Novell Linux Over Windows” and it is very interesting in that it doesn’t mention Windows anywhere in the document!  It should be more properly titled: “Ten Reasonse to Choose Novell Linux Over Other Linux Distributions” in my opinion.  It’s one security claim (dubious at best) is that “Novell Linux is the most secure Linux.”

Reading Too Much Into It

In reality, noticing this as I have is probably already taking it too far.  Their removal of “better security” as a competitive claim likely has nothing to do with the overwhelming numbers of SUSE security patches for SLES9 and their other enterprise Linux products.  I am sure it has nothing to do with the various sponsored reports highlighting the trend towards more and more vulnerabilities in the enterprise Linux products, while Windows vulns in new versions seem to be shrinking.

The more likely interpretation is that they’ve just went to a leaner, cleaner marketing message for SLES.  Most of us recall the adage that you can get customers to remember 3 things (but not 7), so they’ve just simplified and decided security wasn’t one of their top 3 distinguishers, which now seem to be: reduce costs, improve performance and increase flexibility.  Most actual positioning statements are against other Linux distros.

Still, I can’t help but wonder…

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